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Expires: 29 November
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At AmongDoctors EventsAssociação Saúde da Família

Job description

To work in the following program:

Rede Hora Certa Capela do Socorro - RHC. RHC's general objective is to increase the population's access to consultations in specialties that include chronic diseases and to offer diagnostic support services.


• Complete higher education in Medicine, with active CRM-SP;

• Specialization in Gastroenterology;

• Immediate start availability

Vacancy Conditions:

• CLT Contract (on duty); 
• Hours: 10 hours per week; 
• Salary + gratuities and unhealthiness: R $ 4,756.23   
• Place of work: São Paulo, South Zone.


• Have registered and updated curriculum; 
• Make an application; 
• Individual interview; 
• Performing Medical Admission Examination; 
• Provision of required legal documentation (available on ASF website).


According to the Internal Regiment of Human Resources of the ASF:

• In Chapter II (On Admission) Article 10 the admission of a relative (sibling, father, mother, child, and spouse) of an ASF Staff member is prohibited to work in the same institutional unit and / or link hierarchically;

• In Chapter II (Admission) Article 11 the readmission of former employees who have been dismissed for just cause is prohibited.


  • Food voucher
  • Meal ticket

Company Description

A Associação Saúde da Família – ASF é uma organização não governamental, sem fins lucrativos, criada em outubro de 1992 e, passados mais de 20 anos de seu surgimento, nosso presente é marcado pela gestão de um amplo leque de programas e projetos de promoção da saúde integral da população brasileira.
Job Details
  • REF: -
  • Sector: Hospitals
  • Specialty: Gastroenterology (incl. hepatology)
  • Position: Medical Doctor
  • Type: Full-Time